sábado, 19 de octubre de 2013

Madness and society

How important is the science of mind and how primitive is still today. The greatest salvation in terms of medicine is the mind salvation. The cure of our past traumas. The freedom of our worst fears. But we' re slaves of the human being limitations and our perception of life is just a perception not the TRUTH. If your perception, your values, your desires are different from the social standars you can be pointed as "mad". That's really a very old shield to the Power,the people who want to protect their influence to rule the society. As the same time the human being is a mass lover. A lamb in the crowd. The human being fears the individualism, being different is a danger to the social standars. Last night I watched a 30 minutes movie called HELL CHESS. It is the strangest thing I've ever watched. The movie is about a man who lives in a chessboard. This chessboard is the world and his mind was manipulated by the fabric which created the chessland. But this man instead of being a pawn or being a bishop, decided to fight against the program, the kind of software the fabric insert inside his mind. Of course the fabric punished him declaring him mad. He probably died. But his soul is still fighting to be free. To be just and complete. And to send a message to the people who is still caught in the chessboard. But this does not end with the society. This question reaches spiritual dimensions: If we are fruits of a tree...is this tree as good as it got to be?. We must review our religion concept. So, who is the mad...the ruler of the madhouse, the victims of the madhouse or the madhouse itself...? The searching of truth is not easy. Being good is not easy. Being sane is not a common thing. But to be sane we must overcome the cruelty, the primitiveness and clean our perception. "We must finish the chessboard" it is the final sentence of "HELL CHESS.